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What are we, fish?

I’ve always been fiercely loyal to fairness and equality. For as long as I can remember I have stood up for those who didn’t have support and never backed down from defending a friend’s honor. If anyone says anything really mean around me I shut it down and try to lead by example. But for some reason, my inner dialogue is the meanest of the mean girls and I hear so many other women doing the same thing, and doing it out loud. We have all been there, we are so cruel to ourselves and it’s gotten so common we even say it out loud with ease. We are so mean to ourselves, what’s up with that?

So on this International Woman’s Day I want to say to you ladies, let’s end the negative self talk this year because thats what all of the women who came before us fought for. Our shared mitochondrial DNA is passed down from generations of the women who came before us. If they could see all of the amazing things you have done in your life they wouldn’t understand how you could see yourself in the ways you do.

1Our maternal ancestors would see strong and sturdy women who have lead their families with love.

2 Our maternal ancestors would see how independent and secure we are encouraged to be and how we are passing that to our daughters for the next 100 generations.

3 Our maternal ancestors would see strong and sturdy women who have lead their families with love. 

They wouldn’t care about your hair, your weight, your tone of voice, your insecurities. They would love you and they would see so clearly how far we have all come and they would be proud. Can you imagine you saying to yourself “that dinner could have been better, I am so bad at this” and your great great great great grandmother is like whoa, you have fire on demand? I don’t know the lingo from that time period but I am guessing she would say, stop talking shit you are amazing. 

Happy International Women’s Day ladies, let’s change our narrative because it’s the only way we are going to save the world. I always find stock photos to be ridiculous but sometimes they work really well so you do what you gotta do. At first glance this picture made me a little snarky but I quickly grew to love it. Look at these young women. Gender what? Business wear what? Your rules what? Look at these women shaking it all up and knocking down the doors. These are the women you are raising, be proud mamas, you are amazing. Perspective is everything eh?

I’ve been working with a lot of women healers and coaches and I have seen so much of this self doubt and willingness to speak so harshly about themselves. It makes me sad to know that so many women business owners feel like if they don’t know how to do everything, they don’t know how to do anything. They feel like they need to know every program, every skill, every angle and if they don’t, they are terrible, stupid, chasing a hopeless dream, etc. I have heard it all and it isn’t fair. Just because you are a business owner doesn’t mean you are supposed to know everything.

It's ok, there is nothing wrong with you.

Everywhere you look there are shiny objects pulling you away from making revenue while claiming to make it easier. There isn’t 1 tool that will make business easier. There isn’t a magic fix, an AI program, a certain course or an assistant who can do what you do. It’s so hard to know what to do when everyone is giving you different advice, most of it bad. If you are a business owner you understand how confusing all of this is. I don’t think anyone really has any idea what they are doing, some just hide it better than others.

So on this day of celebrating our badass maternal ancestors who fought like a mug for us to be here, let’s simmer down on the trash talk and make some money this year, meditate more and hug each other a little longer than the last time. Let’s remember that a long line of warrior women got us to where we are today and we should celebrate that today and every day. Imagine their hand on your back guiding you, because they are.

It’s a nice thought isn’t it?

You got this.



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