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The Long Haul: Navigating Your Coaching Business as a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Let’s face it: we’re all on this crazy life ride together. By setting goals that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, we’re not just kicking butt in our careers – we’re creating a life that’s the bomb dot com. But seriously, can we trade in this hamster wheel for an actual beach already? 😎🌴

Here’s to working smarter, not pulling our hair out, and remembering that sometimes, it’s perfectly acceptable just to stop and smell the coffee (or the roses, your call!). Cheers to setting those killer goals!

Savasana: The Napping Technique That’ll Catapult You to Success

Ah, Savasana – the grand finale of any yoga session where you lie down, close your eyes, and, well… relax. To the untrained eye, it may look like we’re just chillin’, but let me tell you – this “corpse pose” holds the golden ticket to surviving and thriving in the wild world of design and business.

The “Eureka” Moment: Design Deadlines vs. A Date with a Yoga Mat
Picture this: deadlines breathing down our necks, emails playing a never-ending game of ping-pong, and coffee cups threatening to take over the world – just a casual day in the life of a designer and business whizz. During this beautiful chaos, I decided to roll out my trusty yoga mat for a quick 20-minute yoga pick-me-up. Little did I know that the real magic wasn’t in the downward dog but in the last 5 minutes, during Savasana.
Lesson 1: Sometimes, Doing Nothing Is the Best Something
Savasana taught me the power of literally doing nothing. In the fast-paced world of design and business, we’re always chasing that next big idea. But lying there, doing my best impression of a heavenly nap, I realized that sometimes the best move is to… do nothing. In these moments of zen, inspiration strikes, and out-of-this-world ideas come a-knocking. Who knew that playing possum could lead to a burst of creativity?
Lesson 2: Breathe In, Breathe Out, Design On
In Savasana, it’s all about focusing on your breath – something so simple yet easily forgotten when you’re one missed deadline away from a meltdown. Deep breathing exercises have become my pre-game ritual before diving into a challenging design project. It turns out that oxygen does more than just keep us alive; it’s the secret sauce that fuels creativity and patience and provides a killer perspective.
Lesson 3: Gratitude Is the New Espresso Shot
Savasana is the perfect moment to bask in gratitude, soaking in the pure joy of being alive. I’ve translated this into my work life by starting each day listing three “design elements” I’m grateful for – whether it’s a client who’s a dream to work with, a font that’s rocking my world, or coffee so strong it could power a spaceship. This tiny habit has worked wonders, shifting my focus from stress to positivity and knocking my productivity out of the park.
Lesson 4: It’s the Little Things… Seriously
In Savasana, you’re encouraged to savor the small stuff – a whiff of incense, the quiet murmur of your breath, the comforting weight of yourself against the ground. Similarly, I’ve learned to cherish the small details in my designs and client interactions – the texture of a paper, the emotions sparked by a color palette, the genuine warmth in a client’s “thank you.” These tiny moments make my work and relationships richer than a triple-layered cake.
The Grand Finale: The Savasana-Inspired Business Makeover

Slowing down made me a top-notch designer and transformed my business game entirely. Client meetings turned into fabulous collaborations, design projects became thrilling adventures instead of stress-inducing nightmares, and all it took was a few minutes of pretending to be a corpse each day.

So, my unconventional advice to all my fellow design mavens and business whizzes out there: if you want to level up, start by dialing it down a notch. Take a breather, lie back, and let the magic of doing sweet nothing teach you everything about doing something spectacular.

Remember, in a world obsessed with going a hundred miles an hour, sometimes the fastest route to success is to take a chill pill and Savasana your heart out. ✨

Cheers to breathing, relaxing, and kicking butt, all at the same time!

… and don’t worry, we are all in this together.


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