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The Hidden Costs of Kajabi

Kajabi is often seen as the premier one-stop-shop for coaches looking to host and sell online courses. Its appeal is undeniable: a sleek platform with myriad features that promise to take care of everything from course creation to marketing. But here’s the catch – it comes with a hefty price tag, and sometimes for features, you barely scratch the surface of.

As website developers and designers specializing in building custom WordPress sites for coaches, we see the flip side of the Kajabi coin—a side where the hidden costs can pile up, leaving you financially strapped without delivering the proportional value you anticipated.

The Hidden Costs of Kajabi

1Subscription Fees 

Kajabi prides itself on being an all-in-one platform, but this convenience is reflected in its subscription prices. Even at its most basic level, the monthly fees can accumulate to a significant annual expense. Right now they are just under $200 a month and if you want support, its an additional $99 a month, thats a lotta bread.

As website developers and designers specializing in building custom WordPress sites for coaches, we see the flip side of the Kajabi coin—a side where the hidden costs can pile up, leaving you financially strapped without delivering the proportional value you anticipated.

2 Transaction Fees

On top of the subscription, Kajabi takes a bite out of each sale you make. This might seem inconsequential at first, but over time, these fees can drastically reduce your profit margin. Think long term, over 5 years this is a lot of money that should be going in your pocket, not theirs. Its even enough to pay for a whole new wordpress website.

3 Underutilized Features

One of Kajabi’s selling points is its array of built-in features. However, not every coach needs every tool offered. Paying for a complex system without fully utilizing it is like buying a Swiss army knife when all you need is a single blade. All Kajabi is doing is hosting a few videos and text for you, don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles, we have yet to meet a client who has actually used any of it. CRM sounds great but $20 says you will never use it. And that front page feature they dangle, I’ve never met a single person who has been featured.

4 Scaling Costs 

Kajabi’s tiered pricing means that as your business grows, so do your expenses. Stepping up to the next plan for more products or contacts can result in a significant surge in your monthly bill. Right now they have an offer but its a 3 month offer so you will only save $600 and in the 5 years scheme of things, thats nothing compared to the 15K you will spend with them.

I mean, could it get any worse?

The WordPress Alternative Through Our Lens

1 Custom Tailored Solution

WordPress, coupled with our expertise, offers an alternative that we tailor precisely to your needs. You pay for the features you use, with no forced packages or hidden charges. We build beautiful websites to meet the client’s needs, not websites that are Frankensteined into something that “kinda works”.

2 One-Time Investment

With us, the cost is upfront—a one-time payment for the website build. No recurring subscription fees that bleed your bank account dry month after month. Our ONLY recurring cost is the Annual fee for Maintenance and Updates and its $200 a year, not monthly.

3 Full Ownership

Your WordPress site is yours entirely. Unlike Kajabi, where you’re renting space on their platform, with WordPress, you own your digital real estate outright, giving you complete control. The second you stop paying Kajabi all of your content disappears, its the worst magic trick ever. Imagine making all of that content, all of those contacts and then losing all of it after spending 15k over 5 years…sounds like a nightmare, because it is.

4 100% Support

Transitioning away from Kajabi needn’t be daunting. We handle everything, from building your site to transferring your courses and providing ongoing support. True story, it took us 17 hours to get  Allison’s courses off of Kajabi. They have built a system that is designed to trap people just like you, its not an accident. If you want to know what it’s like to work with Kajabi, read the comments section on any of their posts. Allison is saving so much money every month now but don’t think for a second Kajabi makes it easy to get your content off their site, nevermind actually getting any support. You would think paying $200+ monthly for a few years would get you more than headaches. 

5 A Cost-Effective Transition

Imagine this: Your business expenses could be significantly reduced. Our ideal clients are those who believed they needed everything Kajabi offered, only to discover they weren’t fully leveraging the platform. Whatever you are using on the platform we will transition for you and create all of the integrations you need to make your business thrive. You don’t need Kajabi, no matter how much they want you to think you do. 

6 The Math is Mathing

Let’s break it down with hypothetical numbers. With Kajabi, you could be paying upwards of $200 per month, translating to $2400 annually. Over five years, that’s a staggering $12,000. If you want support with that, its $1200 annually which totals $18k. Switching to a self-hosted WordPress site with us might cost you $5,000 upfront, with minimal ongoing costs for hosting and maintenance. The long-term savings are not just evident, they are bananas. A lot of bananas. Imagine spending 18k on hosting a few videos and words someplace that will take it down in a New York minute if you stop paying, assuming they are even still in business…ahem. 5 years with Kajabi is 18k, 50 years with us is 5k… just saying.

7 Beyond Savings

The transition to WordPress isn’t just about saving money—it’s also about empowerment. By hosting your own courses, you regain control and flexibility. You can pivot your strategy, customize your site, and scale without worrying about the next price bracket looming over your head or if Kajabi will even be around in 5 years. Based on the comments sections, heavy marketing and sales push Im willing to bet its not a butterflys and rainbows over there. My money says they will be obsolete in 5 years but Im a critic at heart, only from experience of course. You can run sales, do bundle offers and move with ease inside the program, unlike you know who.

Calling All Coaches and Healing Professionals
Are you a coach struggling to manage all of the moving parts? If you are feeling overwhelmed, you aren’t alone.

Consider your website as the cornerstone of your online presence. Does it accurately convey the essence of your services and the unique benefits you provide? Beyond that, is it a tool that assists in generating revenue for your business? We’re here to help.

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For coaches ready to break free from the hidden costs of Kajabi, we offer a lifeline – a WordPress solution that’s both cost-effective and capable. Our promise is not just a website but a partnership where we ensure your online coaching platform thrives without the unnecessary financial burden. We have your back from start to finish, every single time. If you are totally overwhelmed we even have a coaches repair kit that might be exactly what you need right now. It worked really well for Allison, and it can work really well for you too. 

"If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense." Snoop

Are you ready to take control of your costs and your content? Let us help you build not just a website, but a future that’s financially sustainable and truly tailored to your needs.

It’s a nice thought isn’t it?

You got this.


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