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Are you a Badass Coach being brought down by tech?
Are you tired of being your own tech expert in your business?
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Let me guess, you are paying for a course platform that promised you the moon, and an email program that you aren’t using.  Maybe you haven’t set up your sequences or even a lead magnet. Your emails are untagged, your paying for tools that you don’t know how to use and you are feeling defeated, dumb and heading down the wrong path.  

There is nothing wrong with you, being a coach doesn’t mean you are suddenly good at every program and skill needed to have a great business. 

Luckily, we are pretty good at that stuff and love helping coaches like you. 

The Kit

$15,000 $10,000
  • Custom WordPress website to host your courses ($5000)
  • Content migration & editing from current site ($500)
  • We will move ALL of your courses from your current host ($1500)
  • SEO Optimized for visibility on Google ($1500)
  • Email sequence creation & implementation ($750)
  • Landing page design & creation for all of your products ($1500)
  • Payment processor connection & integration ($350)
  • 20 hours of development for custom needs ($2000)
  • 3 meetings with your team lead to track progress ($750)
  • 3 testimonial videos recorded & edited for your website ($950)
  • 1 year of hosting & maintenance ($200)
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Let’s Talk
This is a lot of information and you probably have questions.