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How to Nail the 80/20 Rule without Boring Your Audience to Digital Tears
In the digital savanna where tweets fly faster than cheetahs, and Instagram feeds flourish like Amazon, there exists a golden rule of marketing that saves us from becoming the online equivalent of that person at a party who won’t stop talking about themselves. Sit tight if you’re the over-zealous self-promoter (guilty as charged, but reformed!). It’s time we tackle the 80/20 rule of social media marketing in a way that ensures your followers won’t be diving for the “Unfollow” button faster than Usain Bolt on a sprint!
What Even is the 80/20 Rule?
Legend has it (actually, savvy marketers), that you should spend 20% of your social media activity promoting yourself and a whopping 80% posting content that’s more engaging, useful, and possibly unrelated to your brand directly. That’s right, only 20% me, me, me! The rest is we, we, we! Or them, them, them! Or cats, lots of cats!
Step 1: Mastering the Art of Subtle Bragging (a.k.a. The Humblebrag)
It’s time to become a Jedi master at the subtle art of the humblebrag. Instead of “Hey, buy my new book!” try, “Honored that my new book has made it onto my cat’s favorite resting spot, right next to the window. Must be those sun-kissed pages!” See? You’ve promoted your work and thrown in a cat. Double win!
Step 2: Become a Curating King or Queen
Let’s curate content as expertly as a hipster barista blends a perfect oat milk latte. Share industry news, exciting innovations, or a meme about the struggles of Monday mornings. Become the go-to source for cool, intriguing, or hilariously relatable content. When you sneak in a self-promo, your followers will be too enamored by your content curation skills to notice.
Step 3: Tell a Story, Don’t Sell a Story
People love stories. We’re wired for them! Instead of saying, “Here’s my service, aren’t I great?” share a customer’s success story or your journey of how your product came to be (bonus points if it involves more pets or an inspiring grandma). Stories engage emotions, and emotions drive shares—voila, your self-promo has just been beautifully sandwiched in genuine, engaging content.
Step 4: Engage Like There’s No Tomorrow
If someone takes the time to comment on your post, don’t just hit them with a robotic “Thanks!” Dive into a conversation. Ask questions. Be genuinely interested. Before you know it, your engagement rates are popping, and when you do drop that 20% self-promo, your followers are practically cheerleading for you.
Step 5: Use the Magic of Content
Why say it when you can show it? Videos, infographics, and podcasts are your best friends. They’re like the cool kids of content that everyone wants to hang out with. Mix these into your 80%, and when you slip in your 20%, it will feel as refreshing as finding a forgotten $20 in your winter coat.
The Wrap-Up: Embrace Your Inner Marketing Guide

By now, you should be ready to conquer the 80/20 rule without becoming a walking billboard everyone avoids. Remember, promoting yourself non-stop on social media is like being that guy at the party who only talks about his gluten intolerance. It is interesting the first time, sure, but by the fifth mention, people are sneaking off to the snack table.

Keep it cool, keep it generous, and keep it engaging. And when in doubt, always remember: a cat meme goes a long way! 🐱

Happy non-promoting-promoting!… and don’t worry, we are all in this together.


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